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(We are visual storytellers)

Our profession is best described as getting paid to play with crayons. Next to being a rock star, that's pretty much the coolest job ever. What we lack in sheer size we more than make up for in the amount of, and the quality of, work we produce. The Brand Hatchery employs a talented team of artists and brand builders.


A few rules that we live by:

  • 1. The work. The work. The work.
  • 2. Make it smart.
  • 3. Keep it simple.
  • 4. Treat your money like it was our money.
  • 5. Laugh.
  • 6. Don't hold anything back.
  • 7. Communicate.
  • 8. Breathe.
  • 9. Respect everyone.
  • 10. No excuses.


Aaron Opsal

Owner / Creative Director

The Brand Hatchery was founded in 2005 by Aaron Opsal. Aaron spent a good amount of the 90s trying to blur the lines between advertising and engineering. Fortunately for the world, and all those in it, buildings remain standing because advertising won. Aaron's print and interactive work has been showcased in numerous awards, annuals and industry shows. His work with McDonald's, Midas, Mrs Bairds, Uniden, Siemens, DFW Airport, Monster.com and more have helped him hone his storytelling and doodling abilities. But, his greatest achievement came when he was in kindergarten and aptly pointed out a mistake in his reading book that was later corrected by the publisher. All those that came after him are smarter because of it.


Amy Opsal

VP Account Service / Operations

Amy Berlin Opsal serves as VP Account Service and Operations for The Brand Hatchery. Amy makes sure all the eyes are pointed in the right direction and the tees are all folded nicely and arranged accordingly. Her past is checkered, but more like one of those racing flags at the end of a race as she has successfully launched, managed, maintained and grown clients both big and small. Amy likes to entertain us with words and dramatic readings since the rest of us play with picture books all day.


Every artist needs a bit of inspiration. Here are some of the things that make us tick.

  • 1. Nice people.
  • 2. Pretty pictures.
  • 3. Big challenges.
  • 4. Simple direction.
  • 5. Happy technology.
  • 6. Our peers.
  • 7. Healthy competition.
  • 8. Award show judges.
  • 9. Smell of fresh ink.
  • 10. Successful clients.



  • Account ExecutiveBethany
  • Art DirectorThe Blake Wright
  • Interactive DeveloperTony
  • Intern DesignersYes



We're always on the look out for sharp new talent. If you have the goods, the chops, a couple of jokes, a sharp pencil, a big brain, an impressive resume, dramatic reading skills, flawless teeth, or maybe just a note from your mother, shoot us over your portfolio and resume to myfuture@brandhatchery.com


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Can you tell us who you are or what makes your brand better
in under 3 seconds? Well, you will after we're done with you.


We tell stories with pictures, pixels and paragraphs. That's what we do. From jump starting new brands to reinvigorating old ones, we help you find, craft and broadcast your story to the masses. Quickly and efficiently.

  • Who do you think you are?
    A brand is a promise to always do right by your followers. It's a consistent level of give and take and inspiration and development. For example: Apple=Affordable Style. Simple right? Not exactly. It takes years of getting to know yourself as a brand to make it that simple, but we can certainly help accelerate the process.
  • Put on your dancing shoes
    Well this is certainly a category that has changed over the last six years. Advertising is kind of like getting dressed up for a date. Do you want to be the showiest one in the room or are you more of the classic sophisticated type? When the doors to the ballroom open and you make your entrance, that's advertising. Only ours comes with body copy. Sometimes.
  • Let's click to it, shall we?
    It's just about everything your company or brand can offer, under one digital roof top. Whether it's a giant corporate site, a mini microsite or custom online application; or an intranet, or an extranet; or an iPhone app, or a banner ad; or a something-yet-to-be discovered; whatever it is, it's important. And we can help you craft it. Remember when phone numbers used to be at the bottom of ads? Yeah, we don't either. Time to get your www up to date.
  • Giving shape to thoughts & theory
    Storytelling with pictures. That's design. The logical ordering of shapes, sizes, pictures and words. Whether the design is a product, a package, a brochure, an email, a poster or an entire city block, good consistent design makes for great brands. Lucky for you, that's what we do here at The Brand Hatchery. Good design.
  • Knowing when to use what piece
    What is this, the catch-all category? Everything that doesn't fit under the others? No. Marketing is the strategic thinking behind a successful brand. It's knowing when to use advertising, when to use interactive, when to go guerrilla, when to focus on product ID and how to successfully communicate with your followers. Or better yet, how to live up to the promise you have made to your customers.


Did you know at a busy downtown transit station, 30 pairs of eyes can pass by your message in under three seconds? What are you going to do to grab their attention? Three seconds also happens to be the average time it takes to flip a magazine page, scroll through a blog entry, check a Twitter update, or read an email subject line. We're here to ensure that your brand gets seen, heard and loved. And to share some great stories along the way, whether they are three seconds or 3,000 times three seconds.


What's our 3 second mantra?




Located right on the corner of funny and witty.


The Brand Hatchery

3906 Lemmon Avenue

Suite 101

Dallas, TX 75219




Come on over and hang out for awhile. Get to know the crew. Draw on the walls. Have a croissant. Talk shop. Brainstorm. Or just take a nap. Whatever keeps the creativity flowing. We're near the corner of Oak Lawn and Lemmon.