Our Common Table Cookbook

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Our Common Table is a collaboration between the Wesley Prep 4th grade class, Bonton Farms and Cafe Momentum. It’s an 80-page four-color cookbook that is kid tested and chef approved. Check out the full story and purchase a book at ourcommontabledallas.org.

All of the recipes in the book were prepared, photographed on-site, and shared among five homes on a single Sunday afternoon.


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This was a teachable journey for the kids as they learned about how our communities can build “relational wealth” and grow stronger as we reach further outside our personal boundaries. The Our Common Table cookbook was the vehicle that brought it all together. The kids got a first-hand experience of what it takes to concept, design, produce, and market their own product with a little help from us. The book is just as much about food as it is about the friends, stories and relationships they built along the way. Special thanks to our food photographers – Kevin Marple, Jill Brousard, Jeremy Sharp and Esther Huynh.



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Our Common Table Cookbook
Our Common Table Cookbook


Our Common Table Cookbook
Our Common Table Cookbook
Our Common Table Cookbook